Lucia’s Little Houses – House Plans

A Portfolio of 14 small house designs by Maine architect Robert W. Knight, AIA

I have been designing houses of all sizes since the late 1960’s but the house type I find most satisfying and challenging is the good small house. Here on the coast of Maine the demand has increased steadily for the little and efficient home that takes advantage of sun, site and design to reward people with modest housing needs.

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Lucia's Little Houses

The Houses

A Sunny Place in the Forest

This house was featured in Sarah Susanka’s book, Creating the Not So Big House (2000), in the Spring 1988 issue of House Beautiful, and the February 1986 issue of Down East magazine.

Getting on the Land

A two-phase design that gets you living on the land in the short run, and leaves you with an elegant Greek revival cape and guesthouse in the long run. This house will do well on many sites and will fit in nicely among other houses in suburban locations, but it will make your neighbors envious.

The Cottage

The house with the strongest ties to “Bungalow” or “Craftsman” style, this is a great waterfront building. You can live on the ground floor and put the kids upstairs under the eaves and they’ll love it.

The Cabin

This is the only house created especially for this collection. It comes in five variations that range from super-compact to small. Like the VW Bug, we think this design will have a long life.

Alice’s Field

A very compact footprint and small cozy spaces make this a very versatile house. This is our house, and we designed it so that we would always be near an outside wall and the view. It will work well in fields or woods and can deal with a variety of view potentials.

A Forest Cottage

A good hillside house where the hill slopes toward the view. Two nice sized bedrooms are sheltered under the steep roofs and the living room has a great high sloping ceiling. This house works best surrounded by tall trees, or backed up to a reasonably steep hillside, and its walkout basement can take advantage of a good slope.

A Tall Place at the Edge

A good choice for a house on the edge of a forest or in a forest, where tall trees will be its companion. Lots of interior drama with an open three story space with balconies slung across up high.

Hansel and Gretel

One of our smallest houses, and great for a single person or a couple. Its views are strongly oriented in one direction and it makes a great house for the waterfront. Although you can put it over a basement, you don’t have to have one.

Lakeside Guest House

A romantic and casual design for weekend retreats or year ’round living for a small family looking for a compact house with charm. This house can even stretch a bit to better suit your needs.

A Blue Hill Farmhouse

For people who want traditional lines and a flexible interior, plenty of sunlight and an open feeling inside. This house is a good choice for a small family or a couple who want extra space for guests.

A Tuscan Farmhouse

This house needs a flat spot to sit in comfortably. It does especially well when approached from a higher elevation, because you can see it spreading out into its site. The living spaces open out to the east and south, and a great southwestern screened porch makes the downstairs master bedroom seem like it’s outside.

Hillside House

With strong western and southern views, this house will work well on a sloping site where the land falls to the water. All essential functions are on one floor with an accessible path and there are a lot of outdoor living spaces. A contemporary interpretation of New England cottages, it will feel at home on either coast or in between.

A Mountaintop Tower

A tall building with a tower room and a progression of rooms as you climb higher. The master bedroom suite is upstairs, but it can be swapped for a downstairs bedroom later in life. A working greenhouse makes this a great home for gardeners.

An Island

A low profile house with a very compact footprint with views to the south and east. The open plan gives it a surprising sense of space inside. A good choice for sites where height restrictions keep things low, or where a low house simply looks good.