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A Tall Place at the Edge

A good choice for a house on the edge of a forest or in a forest, where tall trees will be its companion. Lots of interior drama with an open three story space with balconies slung across up high.

tall place


This house was driven by two clear imperatives that dovetailed nicely.
The first was my clients’ desire for an open plan house with a great feeling of connectedness — we could do this in a no-holds-barred manner because kids were not part of the picture.

Secondly, although they had a good deal of land, there was one place that grabbed ahold of me. It was a very tight spot in between ledge outcrops. If the house could keep a very compact footprint, we could fit it into this spot and get up a bit above the trees and look out to the ocean.

The exterior has very clear angular forms that remind me a bit of industrial buildings in New England from 100 years ago. The interior is very sparse and taut, and is essentially one three story space with a second and third floor hanging in the space almost as balconies.

Coming in the southeast corner, you pass through a small mudroom area and come out under the ceiling of the second floor. On your left is an entire three story open space with a very open stair winding up in it. This tall space allowed us to use a lot of south facing glass so that we could get a great deal of solar gain (and good old sunlight) in the long Maine winters.

The kitchen is under this ceiling, but the living room and dining areas are out in the tall spaces. I didn’t want the inhabitants to feel overwhelmed by the height of the spaces, so we created small bump-outs and alcoves that are under lower ceilings. There one can feel protected by the house even though there is this great space all around you.

On the northwest corner is a small screened porch that is like an island on the deck that wraps around the north end. It serves as a subtle barrier to the more private deck on the west where the hot tub nestles in next to the rocks. Here on this deck one is sheltered from the west by the ledge outcrops. Rising above deck level, this enhances the sense that the house is planted into this rock.

The primary bedroom is on the second floor and is open to the west, where it has its own little second floor deck. This deck is just over the ledge outcrops.

There is also a dressing area and bathroom (which are walled off) on this floor. You can continue on to the top floor, which we thought of as a kind of swing space—maybe an office or a guest room or an alternative living room. My clients liked it so much that guests and office moved out to a studio above the garage and they keep the tower room and its deck as a place to go and hang out with a view.

This house would want a site with an approach opposite the view and some tall elements around it. Because it is narrow and tall, it is specially suitable for the edges of places.

Working drawings provide you with the architectural documentation you (or your builder) need to build this house. Working drawing sets vary for each of the houses. Click here to order.

Heated sq. ft. . . . . . 1,484
Adjusted sq. ft. . . . .1,855
2 – Bedrooms
11⁄2 – Bathrooms
Crawl space foundation

Foot Print 1,460 sq. ft.
View Dimension 43’
Side Dimension 33’
Height 35’

1st Floor 850 sq. ft.
2nd Floor 465 sq. ft.
3rd Floor 169 sq. ft.

1st Floor
Living 15’ x 18’
Dining 9’ x 14’
Kitchen 12’ x 14’
Bath–1 4’-6” x 5’-6”
Laundry 8’-6” x 5’-6”

2nd Floor
Bedroom–1 12’ x 12’
Bath–2 17’ x 5’-6”

3rd Floor
Loft 12’ x 12’

Working Drawings
• 1st & 2nd flr. Plans
• 3rd flr. Plan, Schedules
• Window Schedule
• Elevations
• Elevations
• Sections
• Details
• Details
• Details
• Guest/Garage Plan
• Electrical Plan, 1st flr.
• Electrical Plan, 2nd flr.
• Fndtn Plan, Framing
• 2nd & 3rd flr. Framing
• Roof Plan/Framing