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A Forest Cottage

A good hillside house where the hill slopes toward the view. Two nice sized bedrooms are sheltered under the steep roofs and the living room has a great high sloping ceiling. This house works best surrounded by tall trees, or backed up to a reasonably steep hillside, and its walkout basement can take advantage of a good slope.

A Forest Cottage


Another cottage on the shore, but this one is designed for a forested site with more of a vertical component than the other Cottage in the portfolio. Our clients had a heavily forested rocky site with an opening to the south and great views to the west and northwest. A short way up the hill was a little glade with some old apple trees, a sure sign that a house had been here before. It felt right for a compact house like this one.

We were looking for a house that would feel very solid and simple, but would have a few surprises inside. Because there were lots of trees in the immediate view we wanted a feeling of individual windows to maintain the wall integrity of the house. We weren’t after sweeping views because they were not there.

Approaching from the east you see a simple cape with a dormer on the back side that is over the stairs. A little entry porch is cut out of the volume to draw you in (and keep you dry while you find your keys). You enter into a small foyer with the back wall of the fireplace in front of you and the woodstove close at hand. On the right is a little alcove we call a library, a place to keep a small desk and computer, or answer the phone, really just a niche off the staircase which sort of wraps into it.

As you wander to the west—drawn by the windows and the sense of more space—you come into the two story space that lets you look up to the balcony upstairs, and realize that there is another gable on the west side of the house. Both can be seen from inside this surprisingly big space.

Just under the balcony is a dining area with access to a screened porch and a very efficient U-shaped kitchen beyond it. Since we wanted this kitchen to have a view to the north and west, and look south into the dining and living space, we put most of what would normally be overhead storage into a pantry across the hall. This is often a good strategy to open up a kitchen and to keep cabinet costs down.

Upstairs are two bedrooms and a bath. All the rooms are under the eaves of the 45° roofs, but they all have part of the gable ends to look out of as well. There is a generous balcony that looks over the living room that can be used as an overflow sleeping space, alternate living room, or kids’ play area. Or you could enclose it and get a much bigger primary bedroom, or a third closed off room, paying the price of the house feeling much less spacious. Of course, if space is tight the entire two story space can be floored in at a later date, but I bet you never do it.

I did design this house with a forest surround in mind, but looking at the drawings I think it would do well in an open site because of its strong cohesive form.

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House Details
Heated square feet. . . . . . . . 1,540
Adjusted sq. ft. . . . . . . . 1,818
2 – Bedrooms
2 – Bathrooms
Full basement foundation

Foot Print 1,102 sq. ft.
View Dimension 38’
Side Dimension 29’
Height 24’-6”

1st Floor 844 sq. ft.
2nd Floor 696 sq. ft.

1st Floor
Living 16’ x 12’
Dining 10’ x 12’
Kitchen 12’ x 11’
Bath–1 12’ x 15’
Library 7’ x 6’
Entry 11’ x 8’
Scrn. Porch 21’ x 9’

2nd Floor
Bedroom–1 12’ x 13’
Bedroom–2 16’ x 10’
Bath–2 12’ x 8’
Balcony 9’ x 14’

Working Drawings
• 1st & 2nd flr. Plans
• Elevations
• Sections
• Details
• Details
• Details
• Int. Elev. Kitchen, Schedules
• Fndtn. Plan, 1st flr. Framing
• 2nd flr./Roof Framing
• Electrical Plans