Lucia’s Little Houses

A Portfolio of 14 small house designs by Maine architect Robert W. Knight, AIA


I have been designing houses of all sizes since the late 1960’s but the house type I find most satisfying and challenging is the good small house. Here on the coast of Maine the demand has increased steadily for the little and efficient home that takes advantage of sun, site and design to reward people with modest housing needs.

Our portfolio has 14 designs that range from 700 to 2,400 square feet. They have from one to four bedrooms and mostly grew out of the New England vernacular. Generally they have more open plans than traditional houses and somewhat more glass.

In the portfolio, there are two pages describing each design plus eight pages of general overview (total 48 pages). Some of the houses have photographs and some three-dimensional exterior and interior views. All have small scale plans and site diagrams.

Go to the web site All of the Lucia’s Little Houses are listed there by  the same name as on our web site. Follow instructions on how to order.


Download the portfolio for free here.